Construction Completed 2017

House 623 Sqm

The Banya 52 Sqm

Pool / Patios / Retreat areas 420 Sqm

Russian meaning for... 'A home away-from-home'


Eliska Lewis Architects


Main Contractor

Plimmer Building Contractors Ltd, Wanaka


Structural Engineers:

Batchelar McDougall Consulting, Wanaka



Simon Larkin of Larkin Design, Wanaka



Tim Pierce of Two Bearded Men, Wanaka

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Featured in the digital online ARCHIPRO

August 2018 publication .

A steep and challenging site overlooking the pristine shores of Lake Wanaka.  The brief for design and layout evolved from a repeated phrase from the client...."don't let the house get in the way of the view, it's all about the view."   

A long wall of stacked stone, inside and outside, is the spine of the house that divides the service and entry side of the house that faces the street, from the private and glassy side of the house that faces the lake.  The goal was to get as many rooms as possible to have a lake view, not only straight on views but views through corners too.  Some rooms look through each other to capture more panorama.